Art, Books, and Creativity (ABC) highlights the natural connections between the visual arts and language arts. The curriculum consists of fourteen lessons, which combine visual arts and writing activities. ABC introduces students to works of art, the artists who created them, and basic art vocabulary and concepts. It also leads students through the process of creating artists’ books in a range of book formats. The curriculum culminates with a classroom exhibition and critique of the students’ artworks.

Students using the ABC curriculum will:

  • Learn and apply art vocabulary and concepts by observing, discussing, and interpreting works of art
  • Create works of art, including narrative, portrait, landscape, and abstract painting; sculpture, and artists’ books
  • Write in a variety of styles and for various purposes, including reflective, expressive, descriptive, and quick writing
  • Make connections between the tools and processes used by artists and writers
  • Produce a work of art that builds on and synthesizes what they have learned

Designed for use in 4th- and 5th-grade classrooms, the curriculum can be differentiated for other grade levels and learning needs.

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